Saturday, September 1, 2007

How Random, or is it Perception?

First time I listened to the FiendPod on shuffle for a week, it seemed like Aimee Mann and Misfits/Danzig/Samhain were pretty predominate. Nice mix for sure!

Now this last time it's been Lou Reed and The Doors (you know, the bestest band that ever was) and The Cure.

Of course Front Line Assembly is always there big, cause they *are* everywhere.

Then you start to think about it more and more and more bands come up, so maybe it's just what you're focusing on at that moment, what stands out is perhaps more a function of what mood you're in and the mood that certain Bands envoke.

Or not.

Anyway, my 30Gb is way too small.
Lots of music, too many filter. Bigger will be better!

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