Thursday, August 23, 2007

Boyhood dream realized

Simply a matter of time.
I've wanted one of these since I was a child. And their charm has held up well.
Honda Trail 70, didn't every kid want one?
They can fetch some pretty ridiculous prices now, but I was able to find one in Pittsburgh Craigslist, so I grabbed the bus and went and fetched it one rainy day.
Mine is a 1981, so it doesn't have the fold down handlebars nor the chrome fender and skidplate. But it's fully street legal and just the thing to head on down to the grocer's for the small backpack full of provisons.

Last night I ran it out of gas, after delivering the goods, but whilst cruising the neighborhood, seeing how it would go up Gem Street. It wasn't a far push home.
I now know that I had been running it on reserve the whole time, so when the time can, there was no reserve.

This is how Betsy and I will look. Just as soon as she learns to brake and *not* have the throttle on, and we get another Trail 70, and she gets some killer boots and pleather skirt, and I figure out how to ride w/ my legs all splayed out like that.

Love it!

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gwadzilla said...

very odd

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