Thursday, September 20, 2007

Down the Steps!

Tonight, after delivering the grocer's goods to Betsy at the side porch on the Trail 70, I preceded down the flight of steps to the back yard.

It was very exciting and the rear and front shocks bottomed out on each and every step.

I might not do it again, but I am pleased to have made it once.

Friday, September 7, 2007


Is taking all our time.

We eat, sleep, think, just like our comrades at CTU.
It's awful.
But we can't walk away now, we're in too deep.

sent from somewhere inside the Compound, room #3.
Secure port:3285

Saturday, September 1, 2007

How Random, or is it Perception?

First time I listened to the FiendPod on shuffle for a week, it seemed like Aimee Mann and Misfits/Danzig/Samhain were pretty predominate. Nice mix for sure!

Now this last time it's been Lou Reed and The Doors (you know, the bestest band that ever was) and The Cure.

Of course Front Line Assembly is always there big, cause they *are* everywhere.

Then you start to think about it more and more and more bands come up, so maybe it's just what you're focusing on at that moment, what stands out is perhaps more a function of what mood you're in and the mood that certain Bands envoke.

Or not.

Anyway, my 30Gb is way too small.
Lots of music, too many filter. Bigger will be better!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Boyhood dream realized

Simply a matter of time.
I've wanted one of these since I was a child. And their charm has held up well.
Honda Trail 70, didn't every kid want one?
They can fetch some pretty ridiculous prices now, but I was able to find one in Pittsburgh Craigslist, so I grabbed the bus and went and fetched it one rainy day.
Mine is a 1981, so it doesn't have the fold down handlebars nor the chrome fender and skidplate. But it's fully street legal and just the thing to head on down to the grocer's for the small backpack full of provisons.

Last night I ran it out of gas, after delivering the goods, but whilst cruising the neighborhood, seeing how it would go up Gem Street. It wasn't a far push home.
I now know that I had been running it on reserve the whole time, so when the time can, there was no reserve.

This is how Betsy and I will look. Just as soon as she learns to brake and *not* have the throttle on, and we get another Trail 70, and she gets some killer boots and pleather skirt, and I figure out how to ride w/ my legs all splayed out like that.

Love it!

What's wrong w/ a flask?

Or the hidden reservoir in the cane?

I mean, these Pocket Shots (use this link and you don't have to go through age verification!) are just energy gel packets filled w/ booze.
Simply not the class of stainless steel flask or hidden vessel.
But look at all the excitement and news they've created-
Google search for "pocket shots"

Besides, the cane or flask can double as a weapon, just ask John Steed.

Lasers are Hot!

It's a keyword that's generating ads.
We like ads.
Not sure I like lasers though, they're cool and all, but... ahh... they're pretty dangerous and probably stupid.
But not at, in fact you might be able to win your very own 100mw laser in their contest.
"burns hole in garbage bags, light matches, seer eyeballs", what could go wrong?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The MiniDisc is dead, long live the MiniDisc

The Demise of MiniDisc
I have/had a few MiniDisc players and quite a few discs.
Even a special one that I ordered from Japan, w/ little speakers. Very thin, I actually used it as my music for a trip up to NE once for a cross clinic I was part of. Then it got stolen when the Audi got broken into and my favorite backpack in the world got ripped off. Lots a fair bit of stuff in that mess.
Sony screwed themselves keeping it too propriatery and all, then didn't respond to the whole iPod Nation Movement.
We here belong to the iPod Nation now. Representing!

Better than a kick to the head

And gives new meaning to "you'll shoot your eye out".
How To Turn a Mini Maglite Into a Laser
From the article-
"Using the laser from a DVD burner, this instructional video shows you how to create a hand-held laser that is powerful enough to light a match and pop a balloon. There's some soldering involved and the Maglite's bulb housing needs to be drilled out to fit the new laser diode, but with some basic skill, most people could do this. Just plain cool."

Sounds like DYI injury to me.