Thursday, January 10, 2008

One Shot at Glory!

Got to take a break from loading it up, but I'm probably 2/3 to 3/4 converting my music collection to iTunes.
12590 songs, about 53.65Gb (which accordingly would take me 34.9 days to listen to) , then a few Gigs in videos and podcasts and another 1.5Gb in some photos.

It's getting pretty exciting.
It's been pretty time consuming, ripping, then getting the proper artwork, making up my own genres; that sort of thing. Then of course I get sidetracked when I look up the artist on wikipedia and it's all sorts of tangents from there.

But the old Apple Cube is almost filled, so I have to figure out a good way to up the harddrive so I can finish w/ the collection.

On my most recent shuffle listen I was fortunate enough to hear I Am Alive, by Fight (a Rob Halford band) and One Shot at Glory, by Judas Priest, within the first 11 songs!
Course I've also had to endure a song by Enrique Iglesias (part of Betsy's addition to the collection).

Such is life on shuffle.

Then I can figure out what to do with all the albums...

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JR Petsko said...

In life we as beings have many choices to make thoughout our live. These choices define us as who areand who we will be remebered by. You should have thought about that when you claimed that the Enrique Inglacias was Betsy's. Be the person we know you can be. OWN UP TO IT! I have some Cyndi Lauper on mine.. and PS Anni hasa new buddy she pisses on Nick W. now. Anni has forgot about you lol..